As you’re getting ready for baby, you want to make sure you have all your gear and accessories ready to go – after all, once your little one arrives, you’ll want to spend your time snuggling and bonding (and hoping to catch a nap!) instead of shopping! That includes making sure you have replacement parts on hand for your breast pump as well as accessories that support a more comfortable, convenient experience!

Whether you choose a Medela Pump In Style or a Spectra S1 Plus, we also carry the replacement parts and best-selling accessories that go with them.  Be sure to follow the recommended replacement schedule to keep your pump in good working order!

Breast Pump Replacement Part Schedule

Breast Pump Health Insurance Coverage CharlotteWhile much of your breast pump is made to last for the length of time you own your pump, it is recommended to replace certain parts on a regular basis. Worn parts can affect the pump’s performance, which can decrease your output or lead to a less comfortable experience. To help you maintain your breast pump, use these guidelines for replacing parts.

  • Valves or duckbill valves – Replace every 4-6 weeks to maintain proper vacuuming power.
  • Valve membranes – Replace every 4-6 weeks
  • Backflow protectors (Spectra S1 Plus only) – Replace every 3-4 months

Breast shields and tubing do not need to be replaced on a schedule. However, if you see your breast shield, also called a flange, has cracks or wear, you should replace it immediately.

Tubing should be replaced if it doesn’t stay attached, seems loose, or shows wear. Because the Spectra S1 Plus is a closed system, replace tubing if milk or moisture gets in as that can damage the motor. The Medela Pump In Style tubing can be washed if moisture or milk gets inside, but it should be replaced immediately if any signs of mold are present.

Contact Us for Breast Pump Replacement Parts

While you order your breast pump through insurance, be sure to order replacement parts so you have exactly what you need on hand! Check out our catalog for parts and accessories, and contact our customer service team in Charlotte at (704) 846-7503 or fill out our contact form to place your order. We’re here to help you in any way we can!