Why Choose CHMEI Breast Pumps?

Breast Pumps Charlotte, NC

CHMEI Breast Pumps is a division of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment, a locally owned and operated medical supply company in Charlotte. Our division is solely focused on providing high-quality, dependable breast pumps, parts, and accessories to mothers throughout North Carolina. That’s why we are proud to partner with Medela and Spectra to offer the leading electric breast pumps on the market.

We have an experienced, compassionate team of Breast Pump Specialists on hand who believe in providing the best customer service possible, whether we’re helping you get a breast pump through your insurance or sending you the replacement parts you need to keep your pump working optimally!

Because we’re a small, local business, we can provide fast, flexible service without the red tape most large medical supply companies go through. This means that once you fill out our fast “Do You Qualify for a Breast Pump through Insurance” form, we are contacting you within 2-3 business days to discuss your options – not weeks like some of the bigger agencies. After all, we know you’ve got a pretty important deadline coming up!

Who We Are

CHMEI Breast PumpsAs part of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment, CHMEI Breast Pumps is a private, for-profit corporation located in Matthews, North Carolina. Our goal is to connect new and expectant mothers with the right breast pump for their needs and to help them save money by making sure it’s covered through their insurance. We also strive to support new mothers through their breastfeeding journey by carrying the accessories that improve the pumping experience and the replacement parts necessary to keep their pump working optimally.

We work hard every day to stand out in the industry by providing the best service possible. This includes working with a multitude of insurance companies to better serve more women in Charlotte, offering fast service and a quick turnaround time, and ensuring total compliance with any agency, office, or organization with whom we work.

Our team is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations by providing the best service, products, and price. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest home healthcare technology, and our team frequently attends seminars and participates in training programs and in-house education along with other appropriate methods.  Our staff exhibits the highest degree of integrity and compassion while ensuring total compliance with all associated agencies. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment, Inc. has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Mission & Core Values

Breast Pumps CharlotteWe share the mission of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment, which is to support and assist mothers who wish to provide the best for their babies by helping them get the breast pump they need. Our staff will accomplish this by partnering with physicians, insurance companies, and manufacturers in order to provide the best service possible.

The following core values are instilled in our staff on a daily basis:

  • Integrity: quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, consistently
  • Respect: treating others the way they desire to be treated
  • Cooperation: working together to accomplish the end goal
  • Zeal: fervor for a person/cause/object; eager desire or endeavor, enthusiastic diligence
  • Timeliness: quick to act as occasion demands, prompt, punctual
  • Compassion: providing empathy, kindness, and humanity for those who are struggling through difficult circumstances.